About Us

Thank you for for stopping by! We are glad you are here.

We are currently in the test phase of these products. We, together, have until October of 2020 to lock down our final designs.

Your feedback will be very important to us. We will also do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with your product.

If you are looking for custom sizes please contact us.

 Now for a little bit of history.

The owner, Amber, first bought a Jeep in late 2017. She had never been off-road, changed a tire or even thought about working on a vehicle.

Within 36 hours of her purchase she had popped a tire at the off-road park Kansas Rocks. This was where she fell in love with the Jeep and the off-road community. Since then she has had many very patient and knowledgeable people coach her build and modifications. So how did we get here? Well, Amber has a difficult time with her doors. She didn't want to be taking them off and on all summer. Especially when the forecast is mostly wrong. She developed a rain curtain for herself. Never really with the intent of producing them. However, several local people saw the curtain and wanted one. So here we are, hoping to start a new life and providing owners with drier interiors. 


If you have a story to share feel free to drop us a line!