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4 Door Rain Curtain - Set

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4 Door Rig Skinz™: This product is made of waterproof material and designed to keep most of the interior of the vehicle dry in the event of a pop-up rain storm. By attaching the curtain to the roll bars and front window this effectively prevents water from entering when you have your doors off. You may get some on the floorboards, but not the seats when installed correctly. You may also want to use bungee cords to attach it to the frame at the bottom if it is windy.

Mounting harware included.

Please contact us if you want a single curtain.

These have been fitted to the JKU and JLU. They will also work in the JT. Just a little long.

*Do not drive vehicle with this product attached.

Patent Pending

Sizes listed are shipping sizes.

Product size is approximately 74x55

4 Door Rain Curtain Instructions